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Doble cup series.

(*Combination of exclusive measurements and dimensions developed by the Padovani Music team).

Some special features of doble cup mouthpieces:
The first shallow chamber guarantees the range of high notes as much as a normal shallow mouthpiece. However, the fact that there is a second chamber (a conical in the center that connects the first chamber to the throat) provides more fluid vibration and prevents clogging. It also increases the volume in the high registers. It also makes it easier to reach more bass notes than a normal shallow mouthpiece.

Indicated for those who prefer to play several styles without changing mouthpieces. More security and resistance for heavy repertoires.

Deep cup between "D" - "E"  Vincent Bach)
Throat 3.70 mm (#26)
Choose your numbering considering the table below:


1 = 17.00 mm ( 0.669")

2 = 16.76 mm ( 0.659")

3 = 16.30mm ( 0.641")

7 = 16.20 mm ( 0.637")

10 = 15.90 mm ( 0.625")



*Combination of exclusive measurements and dimensions developed by the Padovani Music team.

DC Series - Lightweight trumpet mouthpieces

IPI / ICMS / ISS não incl.
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